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How-To: Replace a Cabin Air / Pollen Filter on a Land Rover LR3

Keep fresh, allergen free air coming into your Land Rover LR3.  Carl Pruitt from eHow tells you how to renew your pollen or cabin air filter.

The article begins:

A faulty cabin air filter can cause your Land Rover LR3 to experience several problems from no fresh air getting to the passenger cabin to the windows actually fogging up and hindering your ability to see the road. The Land Rover LR3 cabin air filter is made of cotton to prevent allergens and dust from getting into the cabin. Change the cabin air filter of your Land Rover about every 2 or 3 months to assure that the air you are breathing in your vehicle is as clean as possible.


1. Open the hood of your Land Rover LR3 and locate the firewall behind the engine. Use a socket wrench and screwdriver to remove the cover plate on top of the firewall between the motor and the front windshield.

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These instructions are not correct. In my 2006 LR3, the cabin air filter is accessible right behind the lower passenger side glove box. This can be done in a snap. Compress the side hinges of the glove box to lower it all the way. The cabin air filter is right there. pull out the old and swap in the new. the direction of the air flow is downward towards the fan. There is no need to use a socket wrench or open the hood. I was done in 5 min. I bought a replacement cabin air filter at Napa for about $47.


hi bud what you said is right on thank you for the info .


You paid too much for the cabin filter.. has OEM for $28.


does any body know where the pollen filter on a 2006 range rover sport hide?


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